Starting on EPKINLY

EPKINLY is an injection, it is not an infusion, chemotherapy, or stem cell therapy. EPKINLY is a treatment you can start as soon as you and your doctor are ready.

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Unlike an infusion that may take time to administer, EPKINLY is given as an injection

EPKINLY is a treatment given at a location that is able to administer EPKINLY, such as your oncologist’s office or a nearby outpatient center.

EPKINLY dosing schedule


For 12 weeks


2 weeks

For 24 weeks


maintenance dosing

4 weeks

After that

EPKINLY uses a "step-up" dosing schedule.

When you begin treatment, you will receive a number of smaller "step-up" doses than the doses you will receive later on and for the rest of your treatment.

Important things to know

What can I expect with treatment?

  • You may have side effects during treatment. Your healthcare provider will monitor you for symptoms of CRS, neurologic problems, infections, and low blood cell counts during treatment with EPKINLY. Your healthcare provider may temporarily stop or completely stop treatment with EPKINLY if you develop certain side effects
  • Before and for 3 days after each dose of EPKINLY in your first 4 weeks of treatment, you will receive other medicines to help reduce your risk of CRS. Your healthcare provider will decide if you need to receive medicine to help reduce your risk of CRS in later doses of EPKINLY
  • If you have diffuse large B-cell lymphoma or high-grade B-cell lymphoma, your healthcare provider will discuss with you the need to be hospitalized for 24 hours after your first full dose of EPKINLY typically the third dose in week 3 (day 15 of cycle 1) due to the risk of CRS and neurologic problems 

How long will I receive EPKINLY?

  • Staying on treatment with EPKINLY may help you achieve remission and continue to see response
  • You will receive EPKINLY for as long as your healthcare provider finds it is working for you and your side effects are manageable
  • Your healthcare provider may delay or completely stop your treatment with EPKINLY if you have certain side effects

What if I can’t make my appointment?

  • You should contact your healthcare provider if you can't attend your regularly scheduled dosing appointment. They can walk you through what you may need to do if you miss a dose
  • If your dose of EPKINLY is delayed for any reason, you may need to repeat the step-up dosing schedule
  • The step-up dosing schedule is designed to increase tolerability and help limit the potential for, and severity of, CRS

If you’ve been prescribed EPKINLY by your doctor, you can track how you’re feeling, appointments, and questions for your healthcare team in your treatment journal.

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We can provide Information on access and support.

Man and child having tea party.

We can provide Information on access and support.

Man and child having tea party.

We can provide Information on access and support.